Must Have Software for Small Businesses

One of the most difficult parts of running a small business is selecting the right software to take care of the most tedious tasks. Today, there’s software for almost everything – the biggest task is to find the right tools to enhance your operations. Before you start looking for a software, you need to assess the requirements of your business. Once that’s done, you can go on to find the best software. 

The best overall software is Quickbooks, which is offered by Intuit, a personal finance company. It has widened its scope to address small business needs, and is a great choice. It has hundreds of templates for any report that you need. From invoicing to accounting, inventory or time tracking, Quickbooks will do it all for you. It tackles tax issues, forms and returns. It will also create a budget for you and also do your payroll. 

Some people find it a little complicated to handle, but otherwise it’s a great tool!

For document sharing, nothing beats Microsoft Office 2019. This is an upgrade from Office 2016 and offers several more administrative features. Since the interface is mainly similar, you shouldn’t face problems handling the software!

If you sign up for Microsoft Office 365, a subscription service, you can store documents in the cloud and also invite others to access them. They can view them, add information or even edit them in real time, if they have Office 2010 or a later version.

The Microsoft Office Home and Business version has Outlook, Word and Excel. 

Moving on to the best tax accounting software, there’s TurboTax, which has won several awards and has received the best reviews. It has a Home and Business version that works well for those who are self-employed. Not like it does everything that QuickBooks does, but it is exceptionally helpful when preparing your business tax returns. 

You can get a few other features like expense tracking and “It’s Deductible” feature that can help you all year long. There’s also the SmartLook feature that enables you to talk to a tax expert in real time, especially if you run into a problem. You can download the program for free or even buy the disc at a slight discount. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

All in all, these software are perfect to help your business grow and ease your problems!