Top Picks: The Best Trucks for 2021

Pickup-trucks are more popular than ever. They outsell even SUVs and crossovers in North America. Thanks to this demand, trucks have evolved from basic workhorses to good daily drivers, have luxury trims, and are safe and comfortable for families. All this, without losing any of their rugged capabilities. These are the trucks that you should consider for 2021.

Honda Ridgeline

This is the best compact truck you can consider. Its base trim is the most expensive, but it offers way more features than any other truck in this segment. It also gets a V6 engine as standard. It’s comfortable, has an upscale cabin, and numerous safety features as standard.

Ford Ranger

This is one of the least expensive compact trucks you can buy and is inexpensive to own and run over the long term. It also offers excellent fuel economy in its class. It’s only offered with a four-cylinder inline engine but can still tow up to 7,500 pounds. Payload figures are top-notch as well.

Toyota Tacoma

This affordable compact truck is also very affordable to live with. Its long-term repair and insurance costs are low as well. It gets the Toyota Safety Sense Suite as standard, very good cabin build quality, and a user-friendly infotainment system as well. It is also extremely competent off-road.

GMC Canyon

It’s priced a little higher across comparable trim levels than its counterparts, but its long-term ownership costs are expected to be lower than them. It uses nice materials in the cabin, even leaning towards luxury. It is still a capable tower and hauler. Reliability levels could have been better.

Chevrolet Colorado

This is one of the least expensive compact trucks to buy and has a wide range of available trims. Long-term ownership costs are about average. Its ride is comfortable, engines are capable, and when properly equipped, it has powerful performance as well. But it gets poor reliability ratings and inferior cabin materials.

Jeep Gladiator

This is not a cheap compact truck. Estimated five-year ownership costs are also expected to be higher than others thanks to a thirsty engine and high-insurance costs. But it is extremely impressive off the road and has unique features like removable doors and roof panels.