The Guide to Your Perfect Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks come in a variety of sizes, options and abilities. So if you’re looking to invest in a shiny new truck, this guide should help you navigate all the decisions necessary for you to end up with a truck that works for you. After all, there is such a thing as buying a truck that’s too much truck for you.


Trucks are more expensive than cars or SUVs. The cheapest ones with the simplest  features start a little north of $30,000, while fully-loaded heavy-duty trucks can approach six figures. So you need to do your research and set your budget way before you head out to buy a truck. With a little planning, you will find one that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.


Mid-size or full-size? And if full-size, light-duty or heavy-duty? Well, mid-sizers have smaller cabs and cargo beds but are less expensive, more fuel-efficient, and more comfortable to use in tight spaces. Full-size trucks are more versatile and have diverse capabilities. For most people, light-duty trucks are the most practical, impressive, and versatile options.

Cab And Bed

Choose a cab size depending on how many people will ride with you and how often they’ll ride with you. Seats and interior space are always practical. With most trucks, the bigger the cab, the smaller the bed.


Every truck has two or more engine options. You may want a V8, but technology has made even small four-cylinder engines very powerful. Often, turbocharged V6’s churn out more power than V8s. Smaller engines will limit work capacity but offer better mileage. Bigger engines will let you haul and tow heavier things. Choose an engine and transmission combination based on your needs.

Towing And Payload

Your trucks towing and payload capacity is directly proportional to its size and classification. So bigger and heavier trucks can tow more weight behind them and haul more pounds in their cargo beds. Automakers will try and dazzle you with staggering numbers, but you should know that these ratings usually apply to unpopular configuration and unconventional towing methods. It would help if you overestimated the capacities a little, but don’t go crazy.